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Nowadays, most people move towards web development. Stats show that the Web development field’s worth can increase by 8% from 2019 to 2029. The way of development is changing. The basics start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but new frameworks and technologies are being introduced for advanced development.

To become a web developer, you need to practice the frameworks. There are many frameworks to choose from. The best way to move towards advanced development and to set a framework is to select the most used and popular one.

So, we have listed the popular web development frameworks.


ReactJS front-end library developed by Facebook. It is the implementation of “Reactive programming.” ReactJS maintains its position in most popular frameworks, focused and easy to learn (if one has a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JS). The main reason for adopting ReactJS is the ease of learning and use.

Its market value is that 31.3% of developers use React for front-end development and have 1100 GitHub contributors. Businesses are also switching to React because of its simplicity and effectiveness. ReactJS is a complete set of front-end elements, components, debugging, and design tools. To summarize, it is responsive, handy, focused, and non-risky.

Figure 1 React to JS Logo

The most uncomplicated advantage is React JS is “Easy to learn and implement.” Reusable components are in it. It has shortcuts for quoting elements through HTML syntax. It helps in having clean and understandable code. ReactJS works are compatible with the virtual DOM, making rendering faster. Change in one component does not affect the whole interface. If you change the code, only the respective component gets updated. That is why react is stable.

Ruby on Rails

The framework provides a structure for code and is the back-end development tool. It helps develop websites and web applications, simplifies the code, and removes repetition from a task. Ruby always stays updated. It is one of the most popular and oldest languages. Ruby is well-liked because of its efficiency, code minimization, and reliability.

It’s a high-level language, and that’s why it’s simple to learn it. Ruby is an evergreen language, and Rails works on Ruby, which means the Rails framework contains the same qualities as Ruby. It is still worth learning ruby on Rails as it falls in the top 20 most demanding languages.

Figure 2 Ruby on Rails logo

It is free, open-source, and also runs on Linux. Changes are easily manageable and provide security and flexibility. The best about Ruby on rails is that it always stays young. We can build efficient plugins and apps using Ruby on Rails. It is Start-Up friendly because of its scalability and reliability. Fewer lines of code that make logic implementation accurate.


Laravel is a web application framework that has elegant and advanced syntax. It is one of the most famous frameworks that ease the developer’s work without compromising functionality. What does a developer need? Something that gives pleasure and fun while developing, and YES! Laravel gives you that fun. It is the best and most used PHP framework.

It is popular because of the advanced tools needed to develop, like authenticating, integrating, exporting, logging in, and built-in tools. The trends show Laravel is the favorite server-side framework. It suppresses other PHP frameworks, uses written code, and removes repetitive code. Laravel is worth learning because it’s overgrowing. It is gaining fame because of the advanced features not being available in other back-end frameworks.

Figure 3 Laravel logo

Laravel provides the integration of Web apps with mail services and uses built-in tools or integrates with other devices. It provides fixes for technical frangibility and the control of resource access. Laravel has the feature of testing and making web app development faster.

Node JS

NodeJS is the dual framework that works for both front-end and back-end both. It is an open-source environment. NodeJS helps to develop the server-side application based on JS. It’s a runtime atmosphere used for the development of real-time applications. NodeJS opens new ways for developers to build robust web applications.

It is fast and efficient as it uses libraries for development. NodeJS is worth learning in the future, as its usage has increased by 57% since last year. It lies in the top 10 demanding frameworks of the time. NodeJS is going to fade for the previous 5 to 7 years. Big companies are using NodeJS.

Figure 4 NodeJS logo

The benefits of all the top frameworks are Easy to learn, such as NodeJS. You can use it for both the back-end and front-end. NodeJS is based on JS, and its I/O model makes it highly efficient. NodeJS expands real-time software development and IoT.


Asp.net is the open-source Microsoft-developed framework used for server-side development. It helps to build dynamic websites, web applications, and services. It runs on macOS, Docker, Windows, and Linux too. If one talks about .net, based on both front-end and back-end technology, the .net framework Asp.net is used as the back-end.

Again, the question arises, is it worth it to learn asp.net? Then it’s a YES, YES, and YES. It is going to boom in the future. If anyone is interested in back-end development, he should go for asp.net.

Figure 5 Asp.net logo

It supports cross-platform. Like others, it has fewer lines of code. Its maintenance is easy. It also helps in developing a cloud-based application. Asp.net is known for its higher scalability and performance. It has integrated features of compilation, optimization, and caching.



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