Artificial Intelligence and its types

The era in which we are living is called a technological era. Everything has become smart from our pen to laptops, remote to refrigerator and light to air conditioners. Sometimes, it comes to our mind that how these things are becoming smart? What is making machines smart? Why machines nowadays are being called intelligent machines. What is Artificial Intelligence? Let us find the answer to all of these and know some more about it.

What is an intelligent machine?

An intelligent machine is simply a machine having the power of deciding humans. The machine itself can’t make the decisions but a simple machine programmed in such a manner that it becomes intelligent.

How machines are made intelligent?

The machines are becoming smart because of the technique called “Artificial Intelligence”. AI was firstly observed in 1949. Till late 1950 Artificial intelligence was not clearly defined.

In 1955, the feedback mechanism of machines made progress in the field of AI. This was presented by Norbert Wiener. He took this term of feedback mechanism from plants. He stated that “All the intelligent behaviour is due to the feedback mechanism”. The feedback mechanism is the response of the machine on every input means that evaluate the input and modify output accordingly.

In 1956, finally, the true concept of Artificial intelligence was presented in a conference by John McCarthy. He is known as the father of AI. From that day, AI is used by the researcher is still used.

Let us now talk about what Artificial Intelligence is?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is the technique of computers to act like humans. AI makes computers to think and learn and become smart. or simply when machines imitate human behaviour it is called Artificial Intelligence. Artificial intelligence has made our lives easy. There are a lot of applications of AI like self-driving cars, smart speakers, image recognition, voice recognition or even games.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

ANI: ANI stands for Artificial narrow intelligence. It is called narrow because it is limited. The limitation is that it is specific. If we take a dataset, it will use that dataset for solving only one problem. Self-driving cars are also an example of artificial narrow intelligence.

Here a question comes in mind that self-driving cars have different features and perform the different tasks than how it is ANI. So read the definition again, it says one dataset and one problem. Self-driving cars use more than one dataset for different problems. It means that if it detects traffic signs it has a separate dataset for that, for drowsy eyes, it has different datasets and so on.

Artificial narrow intelligence is the branch of Artificial intelligence in which the progress is made yet.

AGI: AGI stands for Artificial general intelligence. It is called general because it is unlimited. AGI is the type of Artificial intelligence in which one dataset is made general for many problems. This means it uses one dataset and solves multiple problems. Yet there is no progress in AGI.


Artificial Intelligence is making our lives much easier. Not only our daily lives but at every level. It has made our medical field advanced, our industry more productive and much more. We can imagine our futures like chilling in our bedrooms and robots doing everything for us.

I am student of computer systems engineering in Mehran university of engineering and technology.